Remote Learning Week 13   6th July.

 Hello C5. I hope you are all well and continue to be getting on ok during lockdown. Last week was lovely being back in school and working with the Y6's in my little bubble. It will be great to see many of you over the next couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you again to those pupils who have sent in work and photos for me to peruse. I really enjoy seeing what you have been doing.


 For this week's task I would like you to continue with working on the Stemterprise activities. Tasks will consist of working through market research ideas, calculating profit and loss, then working through a variety of different maths types activities including maths language. 

Monday- Market research  from powerpoint and bar chart template 

Tuesday-Profit and Loss

Wednesday- Profit movies calculations and maths language continue

Thursday-Maths variety questions and Maths language continue

Friday- Maths Sphere - 3 pages. 


 Farming STEMterprise Year 5 stage 6 bar chart template.pdfDownload
 Movies calculations.Wednesday.docxDownload
 Profit and Loss Account.Tuesday.ppt task.pptDownload
 STEMterprise Y5 monday.pptxDownload
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 Variety maths questions.docDownload
 Variety q's ANSWER Sheet 1 Thurs.docDownload
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 Maths sphere estimating and approximating.pdfDownload
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I have uploaded some reading comprehension for printing out on paper. There are also some recommended websites that you could also work interactively online. There is no need to print these out. Just copy the websites from the Word doc and paste in your browser.  

 eid-fitr pdf.pdfDownload
 Reading Comprehension Websites.docxDownload
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Topic/ English

Our topic will be Earthquakes for this week and next. I would like you to watch the videos on Earthquakes

There will be a daily task if you would like to work through them. 

Monday- Earthquake survival advice poster- produce on paper

Tuesday- Arrange events in order. Problem solve (could print slide 7 to work on)

Wednesday- Latitude and longitude powerpoint (print slide 13 to complete) or draw table. 

Thursday- Locating Earthquakes pdf- here is the link:

Friday- List the geographical vocabulary and write definitions using the internet or a dictionary.



 Earthquakes.pptx Monday.pptxDownload
 Latitude and longitude.Weds.pptDownload
 Lesson 3 Weds_Longitude & Latitude.pptxDownload
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