Remote Learning Week 4

Hope all is well with Class 5 and your families. Just a reminder, if you wish to contact me, just to say hi or show me some of your photos of what you have been doing, that would be really lovely. My email is:

Don't forget there are plenty of online programmes that you can access too- TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed, Topmarks, Purple Mash,

This week we will be looking at our new topic- The Circle of Life, a science based topic. I have attached some parents' notes which I would encourage parents to read before undertaking the Circle of Life tasks. 


 Circle Of Life parents' notes.docxDownload
 Pollination, Fertilisation, Seed Dispersal and Ger.pptxDownload
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For this week's task, I would like the children to do a piece of biographical writing on somebody that they admire. This could be someone in the family, community or a famous person. They will need to include the key features of a biography: powerpoint and examples below. A plan is available too. I would love to see some pictures, a comic strip style biography or diagrams with labels if appropriate. 


 Biography Planning Page.docxDownload
 Mae Jemison Biography example.docxDownload
 Writing a Biography.pptxDownload
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 For those of us who are interested in football and support a team (Man City!) the following link takes you to an array of activities. This is linked to the Premier League footballers and has a variety of problems and reasoning type activities.

White Rose Maths in partnership with the BBC Bitesize Daily team has developed a 12-week learning programme for the summer term. This scheme is designed to help children be ready for their next year of school. Here is the link:

 Below are this week's maths activities. You can choose 1 per day and work from the SATS style booklet which was uploaded from week 3 remote learning. Start with the Comparing and ordering fractions, then progress onto the addition and subraction. Remember there are tasks also on MyMaths and fun games to play.

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Reading Comprehension: Below are some reading comprehensions on PDF's

There are also plenty of comprehension activities on Purple Mash. If you follow the serial mash tab, from the Home Screen when you log in, choose the Sapphires range. There is a variety of stories with questions that can be answered interactively or you can download the PDF for a paper copy.

 -a-car-free-world reading comp.pdfDownload
 andy goldsworthy reading comp.pdfDownload
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