Remote Learning Week 5

Hope all is well with Class 5 and your families. Hope you have not been too disappointed that the weather has changed for the worse! I have been doing more baking and cooking than ever before. I now just need to increase my Joe Wicks workout to work off those extra cakes!

Just a reminder, if you wish to contact me, just to say hi or show me some of your photos of what you have been doing, that would be really lovely. My email is:

Don't forget there are plenty of online programmes that you can access too- TT Rockstars (I will be setting some games etc this week)

Computing-  I have asked one of the children in class 5 to trial a coding and crytography program where you can work out and send secret messages. I will aim to put this on later in the week. 

This week we will be continuing with our new topic- The Circle of Life.. This week we look at animal behaviour and their circles of life. Read through the notes and then select one of the sheets X3  over the week. You can also follow the links to watch the videos to improve your understanding too. 

Topic: shows some good interactive games on life cycles.  

 Animal Life Cycles notes.docxDownload
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This week in English, and for the following couple of weeks we will be working on 'The Game'. This is a writing unit from the amazing Pie Corbett.

The story we are going to look at is The Game.  In 1981 Chris Van Allsberg wrote a book called Jumanji. In the story, a brother and sister discover a game that turns fiction into real life. Whatever square you land on in the game, brings a new challenge to overcome. Worst still, the challenge becomes a reality for everyone around.You can look at this on the internet:
This is a link to the original movie trailer for Jumanji in 1995
and you can see the consequences of playing the game!
First check with an adult that it’s ok to do this.

You can also listen to the story on the following link:


Monday- What do the words mean?

Tuesday- Grammar

Wednesday- Comprehension on the text

Thursday- Adjective and Verb game

Friday- New ideas for your version of the story. 



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 Comprehension questions.docxDownload
 The Adjective and verb Game.docxDownload
 The Game text..docxDownload
 What Do the Words Mean.docxDownload
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This maths will continue from previous week's work on fractions. Use the PowerPoint to refresh your memory.Just choose your own learning have a go at what you can do over the week.

Monday- + and - refresher powerpoint

Tuesday- + and - fractions (red- tricky q's, yellow- trickier q's and green - trickiest q's)

Wednesday -  X fractions (complete questions on ppt)

Thursday-Subtracting fractions



 Add-and-Sub-fractions refresher ppt.pptxDownload
 Y5 Multiply-unit-fractions-by-an-integer-2019.ppt.pptxDownload
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Reading comprehension:


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