Remote Learning Week 7

Hello, hope you are all well and continuing to keep safe and calm in these seemingly crazy times. Fortunately we still have the lovely spring weather and that helps everything, I feel. I was in school last week with the key workers' children. Such a change to school as we know it. Very quiet and no loud chatter, laughing or general sounds of the playground being full- we miss it! The field seemed empty. I miss hearing Class 5's news and morning chats when we catch up on what we have been doing. I wanted to share my new pet rabbit news with you! I am happy to email a photo of him if you would like- just drop me a line. To say he is massive, mahhhooosivve is an understatement!

I hope you have been doing what you can with the activities I have been setting. If you are happier to work on something else that you have found, then go with it. Please drop me a line to share with me. 

As we all await the Government's news on returning to school, here is a link to a site which will be useful for preparing children to return to school. It has particularly useful links for SEND children and good articles and videos on parenting in the pandemic and for children with autism. 


I would like you to continue with Pie Corbett's Talk4Writing units over the week. This one is all about an explorer in Africa who has discovered an unusual animal. The PDF is below. Here are the week's tasks.

Monday- Work on the interest, questions and favourites together with Explore the Words. p 8-10.

Tuesday - Fill in the Gaps comprehension. p. 11-14.

Wednesday- Grammar  p.15-18.

Thursday- Write away p.19-23.

Friday- Grammar Practice- Work interactively on TopMarks- 7-11 years- KS2. Spelling and Grammar- Online interactive point of view Newspaper report.

This will be good to work on a report with work on adverbs, verbs, fact and fiction etc. 

 Talk 4 Writing Rhino.pdfDownload
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Reading Comprehension:

 There are some non fiction and English language/grammar type comprehensions with answers below.  


 Reading Comp-scorpions-bathr_WBFFB.pdfDownload
 Reading comprehension-spitting-animals_WBFFF.pdfDownload
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This week's maths continues with fractions and problem solving. Follow the links to White Rose and the Vimeo videos to watch before completing the activities.

Monday-  Add and Subtract fractions

Tuesday- Add fractions

Wednesday- Add mixed numbers

Thursday- Subtract mixed numbers

Friday- Work on interactive games on Topmarks or catch up with Mymaths/ TT Rockstars.

Spend 20/30 minutes on this.

 WR answers.zipDownload
 WR worksheets.zipDownload
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Our topic at this time should be Let's Get Moving which was to coincide with Sport Week.This is a science unit on forces and motion- physics strand. This would include gravity, friction and air resistance.  To cover these objectives I would like you choose some of the experiments. Please send me any photos or emails showing me what you have been doing. 

Science Sparks-



See table of contents on the website:

You can click on the link and select from any of the experiments. Alternatively have a go at something you may have found.




Something a little different and fun.........

Alphabet game

Now this one couldn't be simpler and it'll get them writing and practising their spellings without them even knowing.

Basically pick any subject like girls' names, boys' names or even chocolate bars and they have to write one down for each letter of the alphabet.  For the 3rd column you include towns and cities, football teams, characters from books. You could even get the kids to see who can do it the fastest, if you can handle the fallout that is.


Paper cups

It might not sound that interesting but there's all kinds of games you can play with paper cups.

See who can stack them the highest without them falling, see who can knock them all down with a ball.

You could have points for getting the ball inside different cups and see who can get the most, or play a version of drink pong where they have to drink whatever's inside the cup it lands in. Make sure you're supervising this one!

Kitchen towel decorating

You don't need a mindfulness colouring book when you've got some kitchen towel to hand.

Using fine felt tips you can colour in the dots in different colours. Who knew kitchen roll could look so good.