Local History- Lymm, surrounding area and the importance of canals. 

In this topic we will be investigating our local area. We will be investigating how history has shaped Lymm, surrounding areas and the importance of canals to the area. We will be comparing the development of the High street over time, and investigating how it has changed to what we see today. 

As historians we will :

Understand what local history is.

Be able to explain the history of the local village.

Understand why and what Cheshire is famous for

As geographers we will:

Investigate the features of atlases and maps

Locate Cheshire on a UK map and understand the difference in terms : village, town, city.


The children will be asked to research information and encouraged to use enquiry to delve into the past. Sources and artefacts that will promote this method of research should be encouraged. Old maps, census documents, old photos, newspaper articles and oral stories are a fantastic source of information to help children understand their local history.