Spring Term 2- Plant Protection Designers

This topic will kickstart our Design and Technology skills. We will be thinking about types of plant protectors- researching current market designs. Considering the following: designing, making and evaluating.

The overarching aim of the topic is to: Design, make and evaluate a bird scarer to deter birds from stealing seeds and fruit.

In this project, children will design and make a prototype bird scarer to deter birds without causing them harm.
First, children will explore a range of existing bird scarers to help them develop their own ideas. They will then generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas through discussion, annotated sketches, cross-sectional diagrams and 3d modelling
Children will learn to construct a strong, stable structure using wood and other materials. To this they will add moving parts, some of which will be powered by the wind and some by electricity. Building on their science learning they will make a series circuit that includes a motor (output) controlled by a switch (input). They can also add a circuit that includes a buzzer. Finally, children will test their prototypes to see if they function efficiently. 

 Hawk Kite Bird Scarer & 5mTelescopic Flag Pole. Free Line RigOwl bird scarer - spins in the wind. | Glass garden art, Bird deterrents,  Garden art projects

 Thursday 25th February PM task:

Please ensure you complete this task before Monday.  Read through the task instructions below. Use the birdscarer reviews to complete that part of the task. Upload work to Seesaw as evidence.

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Tuesday 2nd March PM :

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