Our 2nd topic of the term is

Famous Greeks & Travel Writers

We will be starting with an Inspiration morning, where we will dress in traditional clothing, eat Greek foods, and have an Olympic morning.  Following the Inspirational start we will be covering the objectives listed below.


To study Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world.

Gain a historical perspective

Understand connections between national and international history

Gain chronological secure knowledge

Devise historically valid questions

Understand that knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.


Use search technologies effectively, appreciate how results are selected and ranked, and be discerning in evaluating digital content .

Select, use and combine a variety of software (including internet services) on a range of digital devices to design and create a range of programs, systems and content that accomplish given goals, including collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information.

Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact.


As historians we will understand:

 Place key dates in chronological order.

Know how The Olympic Games began.

How and why the Greek Empire grew.


The story of the Trojan Horse.

Consider evidence presented to us.

Ask historical questions.

Use evidence to support their opinions and draw conclusions.



 As a user of technology we will:

Create a web page to encourage travel to Greece 

Capture Images

Research locations

Showcase media content

Our English lessons will also be linked to our topic and we will be producing some of the following during the topic.


Physical and human geographical comparisons

Biography on a famous Greek

Trojan Horse evidential writing

Website advertising Greece


Boys taking the Olympic Oath
Boys taking the Olympic Oath

  The  Maths Key Instant Recall Facts for the Autumn term can be found below

Autumn 1

Autumn 2


Spelling Support

Y5/6 Spelling List


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