Why you should visit Ancient Greece

Have you ever wanted to visit Greece? Well here's why you should. 

There are lots of amazing things to do and see. Discover the dark blue oceans with golden sand beaches and even visit Mount Olympus. They have some very unusual compared to us. They have Octopus, fresh Fish, Olives and grilled Meat.

There are lots of great sights in Greece like the architecture in Santorini. There are many other sights in Greece like Lake Plastira, Delphi, Samaria Gorge and obvious the spectacular giant temples.

This is one of the Greek Temples from Ancient times
This is one of the Greek Temples from Ancient times

It's best to visit in mid July because of the warm weather and the bright sun. You could learn to speak Greece and visit multiple islands. The history in Greece is AMAZING! There were many rulers like Alexander the Great.

Greece has over 5000 islands and Crete is the largest of them all. There is also a volcano in Greece called Santorini and is still active while people still live near it.

You've probably heard of the Olympics but what if I told you it started in 776BC when women could not compete or watch or else they would be thrown off a mountain and that mountain would be Mount Olympus where the Olympics were held.