Have you ever thought of going to Greece. If not here are some reasons why you should. The first reason why you should go is there are many ancient monuments such as Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Temple of Hephaestus, the temple of Hera and many more.

The weather in Greece is, most of the time, very warm and sunny even when it rains. There are lots of things to do, due to the hot weather including tours around Greece, cruises and going to the beach. Greece is very mountainous in most areas. There are many mountains but the one which is most recognised is mount Olympus. In Ancient Greek times Greeks thought that gods lived on the top of the mountain. Maybe you should go check!

There are numerous museums in Greece but one of the most popular ones is Acropolis museum. Many people enjoy going to the museum because there are amazing artifacts and really cool statues. 

Greece is made up of a collection of Islands. Most of them you can sail to from the Greek mainland. Some of the islands are the tops of mountains that have sunk over time but people still live on and visit them. There are over 270 islands around Greece.