Our next topic for the autumn term is...

The Pre- Raphaelites

Our topic will begin with a trip to the Manchester Art Gallery

We will be travelling on the Metro into Manchester and using our sketch books and critical thinking to admire and critic Pre-Raphaelite works of art.

Our Objectives will be centred around art:

Use create sketch books to record observations and use them to review and revisit ideas.

Improve their mastery of art and design techniques; drawing, watercolours

Great artists in history


By the end of the topic we will have:


Understood the era of Pre-Raphaelite

Understood who was involved and why there was a movement

Understood art techniques

Developed use of materials

Developed experimentation and increased awareness of different kinds of art

Been able to critique art by themselves and others.


In English we will link our work by producing work such as:


Retelling Greek myth - Echo & Narcissus

Biography of an artist

Explanation & appreciation of Pre-Raphaelite art

Adverts- linked to Millais soap

Narrative story using pictures as a stimulus

We will continue to read our class text:

Our class timetable

Our homework timetable

  The  Maths Key Instant Recall Facts for the Autumn term can be found below

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Autumn 2


Spelling Support

Y5/6 Spelling List


Please help your child work towards these; it will make a difference.