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Hello everyone.

Hope you are all well and have been busy working and enjoying the sunshine! I am back in work this week, so hang on in there if you post on Seesaw, it may take me a little longer to respond. It has been so good to see what you have been doing over the last few weeks; some more than others! If you haven't posted on Seesaw yet - what are you waiting for? Get posting! I really like seeing what you're doing.



White Rose learning for the week ahead is on angles in special quadrilaterals.



 Million pound drop KS2 Maths (2).pptxDownload
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I have set 2do on Purple Mash - some of you may have accessed this last week - 3 chapters of The Seeds of Doom - if you haven't done this please do. 

If you did this last week - I have more for you!!

Log on to Purple Mash for the new book The Magic Pen - read and complete the online activities then there are some SPAG related activities below for you.

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This is the second instalment of the lessons you started last week - Doors

 door 2 pie corbett.docxDownload
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SPAG and Reading paper with errors to correct. In order to do the reading you will need the reading booklet follow the link below

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Thought we could do something a little different this week for topic - I have found some good things on a website called Encounter Edu and in particular some Lessons on Marine life and classification - good revision for you all!

Lesson 1

Coral Explorer lesson - complete the dive log at the end - There are links in the PPT for videos to watch

 Coral-Oceans 7-11-Science-L1-Coral-explorer lesson 1.pptxDownload
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Lesson 2

Reef builders - there is an art based activity at the end of the PPT and also some links to extra photos to look at.

 Coral-Oceans 7-11-Science-L2-Reef-builders 2.pptxDownload
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Lesson 3

Coral Classification - Look at the PPT and then use the documents to carryout activities on grouping and classifying.

 Coral-Oceans 7-11-Science-L4-Coral-classification.pptxDownload
 Coral-Oceans 7-11-Science-L4-Student-sheet-4a-Grouping-coral-life.pdfDownload
 Coral-Oceans 7-11-Science-L4-Student-sheet-4b-Classifying-coral-life.pdfDownload
 Coral-Oceans 7-11-Science-L4-Student-sheet-4c-Coral-life-classification.pdfDownload
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