Reception Home Learning 

Dear Parents, 

We have planned Literacy, Maths and Topic activities that can be used to support your child whilst they are at home. The Literacy activities are based on some of our favourite Julia Donaldson stories and the Maths activities are based on pattern and shape. 


Links to support learning in Literacy 

Below I have attached 4 youtube videos, based on the 4 Julia Donaldson books which can be used during the week. To help, I have recorded how I would introduce the first activity for each Focus Book. This will provide you with guidance for the remaining daily lessons/activities throughout the week.

Literacy Activities

Please click on the files below to download the Literacy activities. 

 Design O Saur activity sheet.pdfDownload
 Design your own broom.pdfDownload
 Magic Potion Activity Sheet .pdfDownload
 Pencil Control Activity .pdfDownload
 Snap cards for what the ladybird heard.pdfDownload
 The Gruffalo Scavenger Hunt .pptxDownload
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Links to support learning for Maths 

Whilst completing days 1-3 based on pattern, you can use the link below from White Rose, which will provide you with guidance, support and ideas, to help your child with their interactive lessons.


For days 4-7, based on 2d shapes, I have attached two video links below which should really engage children's learning through song!

Please find the links for all the pattern and shape activities in the files below;

 Day 1- The-Very-Hungry-Caterpillar-Pattern-Sheet- Mon.pdfDownload
 Day 2- Patterns with 2 Colours v2.pdfDownload
 Day 2- Patterns with 2 Colours v3.pdfDownload
 Day 3-Repeating Patterns- Create your own.docDownload
 Day 4- 2D Shape hunt sheet.docDownload
 Day 5- 2D SHAPE PP- REC Y1.pptDownload
 Day 5- What_am_i_-_2d_shapes_-_chn_ind- REC Y1.docDownload
 Day 6- 2D_shape sorting- REC.docDownload
 Day 7- shape_wanted_poster.docDownload
 Day 8- 3D Shape Hunt(1).docxDownload
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 Day - 9 3d_shape_properties.docDownload
 Day 7- Guess the 2D Shapes.pptDownload
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Here is a range of Topic activities for you to complete with your child;

Topic Activities

Please click on the files below to download the Topic activities. 

 Autumn Treasure Hunt.pngDownload
 Dino signs for PE Lesson.pdfDownload
 gruffalo booklet.pdfDownload
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Below are a set of lyrics and videos which you can practice with your child at home in preparation for our Nativity in December. Above each link is an explanation for the children to know which songs they are required to learn. 

The Shepherds' Hey!

Below are the lyrics which the whole class need to learn. Underneath, I have attached the link to the song for everyone to practice. Our Shepherd's and Sheep will be dancing to this in pairs upon our return to school. 

We Must Travel Home (Nazareth Line Dance)

 Our Nazareth Townspeople will need to learn this dance. 

The Innkeepers' Tango

 Our Innkeepers will need to learn this dance.

The Angel's Dance 

 Our Angels will need to learn this dance.