Remote Learning Reception Homepage



Welcome to the Homepage of Reception class' Remote Learning.

Below you will find the timetable which will be used to navigate how your child will be learning from home. Under some of the lessons you will notice that there will be the word '(Zoom)', these will be lessons which will be taught by myself over a zoom call consisting of a 10-15 minute input with the whole class and then an activity to do afterwards which can be completed off the zoom session. Please make sure that you join the zoom meeting 5 minutes before the lesson begins. 

'Every home is a house of learning'

TopSpot of the Week

Now of course, one thing we love to do in Reception is celebrate children's hard work which they complete at school. Therefore, we will still be carrying on with our TopSpot of the Week! Below, at the end of each week, I will be placing fantastic work done by our amazing class pupils which I am hoping to get sent by email from parents. Who knows.... maybe you might win topspot of the week! Keep on working hard!

This week's TopSpot goes to....... Gregory for working super hard at home and always working on his writing and his phonics. This week, Reception were challenged to use some of their tricky words in a small sentence and I am so impressed with Gregory's segmenting and letter formation. Keep up the great work Gregory! Super Star :) 


Any reminders or updates for home learning  will also be placed here for parents to view, so please ensure that you check this regularly:

  • When you are on a zoom call, please can you ensure that you place your device's on mute if they aren't on that already, this will allow other children in the zoom session to be able to hear the lesson clearer without any other background interference. 
  • When you are on zoom, can you make sure your child has their learning pack next to them, with no cuddly toys/games next to them which may cause a distraction. Thank you.