Remote Learning - Week 3 

Hello Reception. Wow, Week 3 already! I have been so impressed with the work you have been sending me from home and it makes me so happy and proud to see how hard all of you have been working whilst at home. Keep it up, you are all super stars! Now it's time to get your thinking heads back on and get ready to dive into some more learning this week!

Mr Waters 


All phonic lessons will be completed via zoom at 9.15am - Reception children will be continuing with their phase 3 phonics and will be virtually practicing their blending and segmenting together. Please make sure that you have a whiteboard, pen and rubber to hand for this lesson. If you intend to do extra work on this, then the website - is great and includes games for your child to recap on the sounds which they have learnt throughout the week. The CBeebies programme 'Alphablocks' is something which we also tend to put before break times in Reception, this could be a great way for you to recap on the sound you have learnt each day and I often find that children are very engaged with these animations. - 


Practice reading and writing: are, her, they

Phonics challenge - Can you make a short sentence and include one of our tricky words from this week? (Please send me a photo of this once you have done so and place it into your remote learning book!)

You may also find the 2 links below useful to help recap on phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. The videos are jolly phonics songs which reception children use to to help remember the sound each phoneme/digraph makes through different actions. These then link to the sound cards providing in your remote learning package to help children with their letter formation. 


Maths will take place each day at 9:30am, where children will use the resources below to complete an activity after wacthing a video from our White Rose curriculum which introduces our maths learning for each day. The link you will need for these videos can be found below:


This week Reception will be carrying out learning based around the composition of numbers between 0-5. Later in the week, as we move onto the week 3 video of 'Alive in 5', reception will also start to explore mass and capacity. 


Monday's Lesson - Alive in 5: Week 2 - Session 3 Video.

Tuesday's Lesson - Alive in 5: Week 2 - Session 4 Video.

Wednesday's Lesson - Alive in 5: Week 2 - Session 5 Video.

Thursday's Lesson - Alive in 5: Week 3 - Session 1 Video.

Friday's Lesson - Alive in 5: Week 3 - Session 2 Video.

Activities to be completed after watching the recordings:

Below I have also attached some blank five frames to assist you with your learning at home. I have seen lots of you drawing them in your books so I thought you could maybe make and decorate your own personal ones to help you with your learning!

 Blank Five Frames for you to make at home.pdfDownload
 Maths - Week 2 - Session 3.pdfDownload
 Maths - Week 2 - Session 4.pdfDownload
 Maths - Week 2 - Session 5.pdfDownload
 Maths - Week 3 - Session 1.pdfDownload
 Maths - Week 3 - Session 2.pdfDownload
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If you find that your child is really enjoying this maths topic and want to enhance their learning, please feel free to use the games and ideas below to encourage their thinking of the composition of numbers from 0-5. Whilst completing these activities use the 'key questions' to make your child/ren think about the activity they are completing. 


Literacy will take place again at 11am. It is clear that you have all been enjoying our Eric Carle books and it's been great seeing all of your hard work based around his stories. This week we will be carrying on with this theme! Please arrive 5 minutes before the lesson begins. If you find yourself unable to make the lesson, or arrive late due to internet issues, please use the document below to catch up on the lessons you have missed and then send the work completed to my email and stick in your home learning book. 


Week 3 Lessons

Please find the daily resources for the Literacy activities below:

 The 4 Seasons Activity .docxDownload
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This week we will be continuing with our 'Frozen Landscape' topic.