Remote Learning - Week 4


Hi Reception! Are you ready for another week of learning because I definitely am! Last week you all worked so hard and I love all of the pictures I am being sent of activities which you have completed at home! I hope you are excited for this week, not only will we be moving onto a new story, but we will also be starting our new topic all about Hot Climates! Keep up the super work Reception!

From Mr Waters :)


All Phonic lessons will be completed via zoom at 9:15am - Reception children will be continuing their phase 3 phonics and will be virtually practicing their blending and segmenting together. Please make sure that you have a whiteboard, pen and rubber to hand for this lesson. If you intend to do extra work on this, then the website is great and includes games for your child to recap on the sounds which they have learnt throughout the week. 

Below I have also attached the sounds from phase 2 and phase 3. You may want to use these as a way to challenge your child at home with their phonics. You may wish to ask them to make a word, this could be based around the sounds which we are learning throughout the week. You may even want to stick these around your house so your child can visually keep on recapping on their phase 2 and 3 sounds. 

 Phase 2 small cards.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 small cards.pdfDownload
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Practice reading and writing: all, my, he 

Phonics Challenge - Can you practice writing these tricky words outside. (e.g. with chalk on the pavement).

You may also find the 2 links below useful to help recap on phase 2 and 3 sounds. The videos are jolly phonics songs which reception use to help remember the sound each phoneme/digraph makes through different actions. These then link to the sound cards provided in your remote learning package to help children with their letter formation. 


Maths will take place each day at 9.30am, where children will use the resources below to complete an activity after watching a video from our White Rose curriculum which introduces our maths learning for each day. The link you will need for these videos can be found below:


This week Reception will be finishing off their learning based on mass and capacity and will begin to move into our next topic 'Growing 6,7,8!'.

Monday's Lesson - Alive in 5: Week 3 - Session 3 video.

Tuesday's Lesson - Alive in 5: Week 3 - Session 4 video.

Wednesday's Lesson - Alive in 5: Week 3 - Session 5 video.

Thursday's Lesson - Growing 6,7,8!: Week 1 - Session 1 video.

Friday's Lesson - Growing 6,7,8!: Week 1 - Session 2 video.


Activities to be completed after watching the recordings:

Below I have also attached blank ten frames - these will prove useful when we begin our Growing 6,7,8! topic. 

 Alive in 5 - Week 3 - Session 3.pdfDownload
 Alive in 5 - Week 3 - Session 4.pdfDownload
 Alive in 5 - Week 3 - Session 5.pdfDownload
 Growing 6,7,8 - Week 1 - Session 1.pdfDownload
 Growing 6,7,8 - Week 1 - Session 2.pdfDownload
 Blank ten frame .pdfDownload
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If you find that your child is really enjoying this maths topic and want to enhance their learning, please feel free to use the games and ideas below to encourage their thinking at home and dig deeper. 


Literacy will take place again at 11am. This week we will be diving into our new book 'The Something' written by Rebecca Cobb. We will explore this losing story and use model texts to assist our learning. 

Please find the daily resources for the Literacy activities below:

 Create a rhyming string (Friday Activity).docxDownload
 Key Words and Phrases (Thursday Activity).docxDownload
 Label Activity (Tuesday Activity).pptxDownload
 Letter from Joey document.docxDownload
 Model Text for The Something .docxDownload
 The Something by Rebecca Cobb pictures.pdfDownload
 What do you think is in the whole (Monday Activity).docxDownload
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This week we will be exploring a new topic - 'Hot Climates!'. We will begin by learning all about Chinese New Year and enjoy exploring the culture and comparing it to England. Throughout the week you will also be able create lots of typical Chinese decorations to fill your house with! What better time to order a Chinese takeaway at home and explore the food which they eat! :)

 How to create a lantern (Friday) Powerpoint.ppsDownload
 How to make a paper lantern (Friday).pdfDownload
 Make your own chinese Dragon (Friday).pdfDownload
 Zodiac Sign Activity - Wednesday.pdfDownload
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