Remote Learning - Week 6


 Hello Funky Reception Class! Wow - Week 6 already, hasn't that gone quick! I hope all of you are ready for a final week of learning before the half term break. I hope you have enjoyed learning at home, wearing funky hats and spending quality time with your families! So for one more week, lets get our thinking caps on and have the best week ever!

Mr Waters :)

Bring a pet to zoom day!

This Friday, to celebrate the end to a fantastic half term, I would like you to bring your pet to our zoom call at 3pm. I think it will be interesting to see all of our different furry friends and learn all about our pets. Don't worry if you don't have one, you may have a cuddly toy pet or a picture of a relatives pet that you also may want to show! Both me and Marley are so excited to see all of you then! (Marley says 'woof woof!').


All Phonic lessons will be completed via zoom at 9:15am - Reception children will be continuing their phase 3 phonics and will be virtually practicing their blending and segmenting together. Please make sure that you have a whiteboard, pen and rubber to hand for this lesson. If you intend to do extra work on this, then the website is great and includes games for your child to recap on the sounds which they have learnt throughout the week. 

Below I have also attached a tricky word game and the same phase 2 and phase 3 sound cards for you to use over the half term. You may wish to play a variety of different games with these cards such as hide and seek (find the correct sound in the house), find the word (find all the sounds around the house to make the word) or SPLAT! (place a variety of sounds on the floor/table and children are to SPLAT the sound shouted out with their hands). Please make sure to keep on reading with your child at least once every day over the half term break. 

 Hidden Words Phonics Game - Phase 3 Tricky Words.pdfDownload
 Phase 2 small cards.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 small cards.pdfDownload
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Practice reading and writing: be, was, you

Phonics Challenge - Take a picture of yourself with all 3 of these tricky words outside (on a walk, at the park etc).

You may also find the 2 links below useful to help recap on phase 2 and 3 sounds. The videos are jolly phonics songs which reception use to help remember the sound each phoneme/digraph makes through different actions. These then link to the sound cards provided in your remote learning package to help children with their letter formation. 


Maths will take place each day at 9.30am, where children will use the resources below to complete an activity after watching a video from our White Rose curriculum which introduces our maths learning for each day. The link you will need for these videos can be found below:

This week Reception will be continuing their learning based around the topic - 'Growing 6,7,8!'. 

Monday's Lesson - Growing 6,7,8!: Week 2 - Session 3 video.

Tuesday's Lesson - Growing 6,7,8!: Week 2 - Session 4 video.

Wednesday's Lesson - Growing 6,7,8!: Week 2 - Session 5 video.

Thursday's Lesson - Growing 6,7,8!: Week 3 - Session 1 video.

Friday's Lesson - Growing 6,7,8!: Week 3 - Session 2 video.

Activities to be completed after watching the recordings:

 Week 2 - Growing 6,7,8! - Session 3 Video.pdfDownload
 Week 2 - Growing 6,7,8! - Session 4 Video.pdfDownload
 Week 2 - Growing 6,7,8! - Session 5 Video.pdfDownload
 Week 3 - Growing 6,7,8! - Session 1 Video.pdfDownload
 Week 3 - Growing 6,7,8! - Session 2 Video.pdfDownload
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Over the half term you may also want to access online games to recap over lessons which we have already covered. Therefore below I have attached a variety of websites which can be accessed for free to further your child's development in Maths:


Literacy will take place again at 11am. This week we will be writing up our losing story using our planning circles from last week so please make sure you have them to hand. We will complete one part of the story each day and then spend Friday listening to each others creative ideas. I can't wait to see all of your imaginative stories!

 Story Language.docxDownload
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This week we will continue exploring our new topic - 'Hot Climates!'. I hope you are all excited :) Later in the week you will also be following a list of instructions for making pancakes. The list however doesn't have the amount for each ingredients so I have included them hear for you :) 

2 eggs

100g flour

300ml milk

sugar (optional)

 How to make a pancake instructions.pdfDownload
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