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Hello Reception - I am so sorry that we are unable to do our lessons in person this week, especially as the Summer Term is coming to an end soon, however, I'm sure we can have just as much fun this week through our zoom lessons and I'm sure we will have a fantastic time together! 

Mr Waters :)

Favourite Book - On Friday's zoom lesson, please can you bring one of your favourite books to the session to share with the rest of the class! I look forward to seeing them all!

Class Timetable

Below you will find the timetable which will be used to navigate how your child will be learning from home. Under some of the lessons you will notice that there will be the word '(Zoom)', these will be lessons which will be taught by myself over a zoom call consisting of a 10-15 minute input with the whole class and then an activity to do afterwards which can be completed off the zoom session. Please make sure that you join the zoom meeting 5 minutes before the lesson begins. 

TUESDAY - There will be no zoom lessons on Tuesday as I will be holding online zoom lessons throughout the day with parents and their children in the school I will be working at next year. If you have any questions on that day, please contact Mrs Tottle. 


Phonics will take place at 9:15am and will last til 9:40am. This will also include the class register, as well as a class wake and shake up. From 9:40am to 10:00am children will then have free time to practice the sounds which they have been learning throughout the week. You may wish to do this by reading a story, playing a phonics play game or through practicing blending and segmenting words based around the sound of the day. 

Reception children will be continuing their phase 2 and 3 phonics and will be virtually practicing their blending and segmenting together.  Please make sure you have a whiteboard/plain piece of paper and a pencil available during this session. If you intend to do extra work on this, then the website is great and includes games for your child to recap on the sounds which they have learnt throughout the week.  


Practice reading and writing: my, her, he

Phonics Challenge - How many times can you spot our tricky words whilst reading stories this week?

You may also find the 2 links below useful to help recap on phase 2 and 3 sounds. The videos are jolly phonics songs which reception use to help remember the sound each phoneme/digraph makes through different actions. These then link to the sound cards provided in your remote learning package to help children with their letter formation. 


Maths will take place each day at 10:00am, where children will use the white rose maths videos to introduce their learning for the day, which will then lead them into an activity related to the specific video they have watched. 

This week Reception will be continuing their learning based around the topic - 'On the Move - Week 1'. 


Please use this link to access the online videos and activities:

To access the activity, please click the 'Get the Activity' link next to each video. 




Literacy will take place again at 11am. This week we will be focusing our learning on the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. These lessons will be introduced via a zoom input, which then leads children into an activity to complete. Please do not worry if you do not have access to a printer, if not then complete the activities on a plain piece of paper with a date and title. 

 Kitchen plate sheet.pdfDownload
 Story Review Questions.pdfDownload
 Tiger Invitation example.pdfDownload
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This week would have been Art Week in Reception class, so get your paintbrushes and creative hats at the ready, because we will be continuing with this at home through out Topic afternoons! 

 All About Kandinsky.ppsDownload
 Concentric Circles example.docxDownload
 Wassily Kandinsky Inspired Cut and Stick Activity.pdfDownload
 Wassily Kandinsky Inspired Pattern Tracing.pdfDownload
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