Remote Learning Week 2

We hope that you have enjoyed the first week of home learning. We have now set new challenges and activities for the week ahead.
Please remember that we are available to help and answer any queries. I would also love to see pictures of the children having fun at home and hear of any new achievements. My school email address is


Reading and Phonics

Please continue to ensure that your child reads every day using either the Oxford Owls website or books that you have at home.
Here are some links below of some songs to help the children practise their tricky words.





This week we are looking at the story of the gingerbread man.

Monday - Read the story of The Gingerbread man using the power point below and retell the story.( Choose Gingerbread Man Story)

Tuesday - Re-tell the story of The Gingerbread man and help your child to identify what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story. Draw a story map together or use the example ... see example (story map doc)

Wednesday - Encourage your child to draw a picture to show what happens at the beginning of the story. They should then write a simple sentence to accompany their picture. I have included a word mat in the documents to help your child. They should use their simple sentence checklist to check their work.

Simple Sentence Checklist;

Start each sentence with a capital letter.

Remember to leave a finger space in-between each word.

Put a full stop at the end of your sentences.

Read your sentence back, does it make sense?

Thursday - Children should draw a picture and write a simple sentence to show what happens in the middle of the story. Again help your child to use the simple sentence checklist.


Friday- Finally, encourage your child to draw a picture to show what happens at the end of the story. The children should write a simple sentence to explain what happens at the end of the story. Use simple sentence checklist to check work. 

I have also included a power point/recipe to make your own gingerbread men if you would like.


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 Gingerbreadman Story Map.pdfDownload
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 Sentence Checklist.pdfDownload
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This week will be focusing on measure.  Your child needs to use measure vocabulary eg tall tallest short shortest long longest the same.  I have attached a maths plan from our White Rose scheme of work for you to read through and use where you feel appropriate.  There are some good questions on there that will extend your child.  There is also a you tube Length and Height video clip for you to share.

Monday - comparing lengths activity see below

Tuesday - measuring using non standard units.  For this activity, think with your child about different things you could measure around the house (size of the table, height of the chair, length of a book, length of a pair of scissors) or in your garden (length of the garden, height of a plant) and so on.  Using a non standard measure for instance lego bricks, pasta, pencils etc your child can measure the objects they have found.  there is no recording for this activity. Your child needs to measure accurately lining up the bottom of the object with whatever you're measuring with.

Wednesday - today you can use parts of your body to measure things around the house and garden.  For instance how many hands measure the table?  How many of your feet measure the floor?  Have fun using arms, legs, feet, hands!! Again no recording!

Thursday - using a ruler.  Talk about standard units of measure that we use today (cm and m).  Using a ruler can your child find objects loner than the ruler, shorter than the ruler or the same length as the ruler around the house or garden. Use the 25cm downloadable ruler below if you don't have one at home.

Friday - Your child needs to know how to use a ruler to measure accurately.  Demonstrate how to measure using the ruler - making sure you measure from the zero not the end of the ruler.  Use the You Tube clip below to help.  Show your child how to line the ruler up carefully with the object and read across.  Your child can then measure the pictures on the sheet.  For an extra challenge your child can cut out the pictures and place them in order of length from shortest to tallest.


 25cm ruler.pdfDownload
 beanstalk compare lenghts Monday.pdfDownload
 caterpillar and giraffe compare and colour extra sheets.pdfDownload
 Maths Week 2 WHITE ROSE PLAN.pdfDownload
 measure wand activity Friday.pdfDownload
 ordering caterpillar lengths Tuesday.pdfDownload
 ruler measure Friday.pdfDownload
 spring activity for measure.pdfDownload
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Firstly, I would like the children to start by completing the page Week 2 of their Bean Diary.

 My Bean Diary.docDownload
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This week we will be learning about the life cycle of a chicken.

I have put some resources below to help the children. I would like them to complete the chick life cycle activity and also create a picture of a chick using any media. 

I have posted a step by step video above, to help your child learn how to draw a chick. 



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