Reception remotlearning Week 6

Hello and welcome to our week 6 home learning page. I hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. Thank you to those parents who sent me photographs of your lovely VE Celebrations. 


For maths this week we will continue with the activities from White Rose.

  The activities are based around the story of The Very Busy Spider.

Please follow this link and have fun working through

the daily activities under w/c 11th May.

Further Maths Activities

Here are some additional Maths activities,  as always please feel free to choose the ones which you wish to do. 


Monday: Counting in 2s from 0 to 20. Help your child to highlight the even numbers on the 100 square and practise counting in 2s from 0-20, and back from 20-0. 

100 square-

Complete Counting in 2s worksheet (see files) or you could practise counting pairs of socks. 


Tuesday: Collect a group of 2 pence coins. Encourage your child to practise counting the coins in 2s. Play the Toyshop Money Game and select Counting in 2s.


Wednesday: Coins Game:

Coins game is a money game which introduces children to the different value of coins. There are three modes: Sorting, Ordering and Counting money. Please encourage your child to explore each game and learn about different coins. 


Thursday: Children to complete coin recognition activity (see files below).


 Friday: Children to practise adding coins. They could do this practically using real coins or there is an activity in the files below- Counting Coins. 

 Counting_in_2's- Monday.docDownload
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Please continue to practise Phase 2 and Phase 3 Phonemes and reading and spelling words. I have selected two more games for this week that you can find at


Dinosaur Eggs- Reading High Frequency Words (Level 3/4 and 5)


Little Bird Spelling- Spelling Common Exception words (Year 1)



Please continue to read with your child each day. Here are some books that I recommend. You can access these book for free by logging on to


Red Level:The Ox and the Yak and Quiz

Yellow Level: Chicken Licken and The Rocket Flight


This week we will continue with the wonderful story of Max's Morning Walk!!

Please find the activities below.


MONDAY - Warming up the words activity on p10.  Follow the instructions at the top of the page, look at the pictures first to help you understand what the words mean, then share the examples of how the words can be used.  Answer the questions with your adult using the new words in your answer.  Where's Max activity? Read p11 and chat about the position words.  Complete the activity in the yellow box. Where's Snowy?  Follow the instructions on p12 and complete the activities.

TUESDAY - Rhyme Time!!  Enjoy singing the BINGO song on p13.  Then read the seasons rhyme on p14.  Follow the instructions in the yellow box. Continue onto p15 with Max at the beach and have fun playing the game.  Complete the Sounds Right Rhyme game on p16.

WEDNESDAY - Time for a little bit of reading and writing.  Follow the activity instructions on p17.

THURSDAY/FRIDAY - Your journey stick adventure p20. My Ideas for a new story on p21/p22 - follow the instructions to plan and tell your own story.  Use the story mountain template to help you.  

There is an optional weaving page on p14.



Over the next two weeks we would like you to explore the human body and a healthy lifestyle.

Our activities will include; learning about the human body and organs, healthy food and a balanced diet,learning about the 5 senses,medicines and the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 

Below I have listed some suggested activities and included some PowerPoints and activities to help. I have tried to include helpful resources and websites to help, but as always please choose the activities you wish to do with your child.


There are also some excellent videos on BBC Bitesize . In particular for this week these videos would be good for your child to watch;

  1. What are the parts of the body?  
  2. What do humans need to stay healthy?  
  3. Skeletons


Activity 1: My Wonderful body

Help your child to read through the PowerPoint- My Wonderful Body (you do need to click on on each page several times for the information to appear and the sound symbol). 

Activity- Label the Human Body activity (see files below)


Extension: For our older Infant children or those who are interested, I have also included a more complex Skeleton PowerPoint and there is an additional activity- Skeleton extension (see files). 

*There is also a word search- Human Body word search.

 Label Human Body.pdfDownload
 My Wonderful Body.pptDownload
 Skeleton extension activity.docDownload
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Activity 2: Healthy Food

Help your child to look at the file- Let's eat a Healthy Balanced Diet. Talk about the different food groups. You may wish to look at the foodeeze food group cards and cut these out to make a healthy balanced plate. 

Activity: Challenge your child to plan a healthy lunch or dinner, ensuring they select a food from each food group. Your child may wish to draw their healthy meal on a paper plate or circle template. Older children may like to type up the details of their healthy lunch/ dinner. They could then help to make their healthy meal.

Extension: Look at the Food Origins files. Challenge your child to select 5 food products and identify where they came from.

 Let's-eat- A Healthy Balanced Diet.pdfDownload
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Activity 3: Inside my Body

Help your child to look at the Organs PowerPoint. 

Activity: Help your child to draw an outline of their body. They could do this outside using chalk or on an old roll of wallpaper. Can they draw, position and label some of the main organs in the body e.g. brain, heart, lungs, Stomach. You may want to print out the organs cards (see files below) and help your child to cut them out and stick them on rather than drawing.

Extension: Older children could be encouraged to match the pictures of organs to their descriptions (see files- Organ Card Sort). 


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