Spring Term - Topic 3



Bag Designers

The focus for this part of the term is design technology.

The children will  start the term with a fun challenge of designing and making their own bags out of recycled material. They will also bring in an old T shirt that through the course of the 3 week topic they will design and make into a bendy bag.

  • Learning objectives

    Design – design a purposeful, functional and appealing bag for a specified user based on the design criteria. Generate, develop, model and communicate ideas through talking, drawing,
    templates, paper patterns, mock-ups and computer-aided design.
    Make – select and use tools and equipment to cut, shape, join and finish. Select and use textiles according to their characteristics.
    Evaluate – explore and evaluate existing bags, evaluate own ideas and products against simple design criteria.
    Use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.
    Recognise common uses of information technology beyond school.

We will also be making connections:

Working scientifically – asking simple questions, identifying and classifying.
Describe simple properties of materials of everyday materials.
Art and Design – with material monster process
Use drawings to develop and share ideas.
Using a range of tools and decorative techniques.
Develop art and design techniques such as sketching. Using colour, pattern and texture when decorating surfaces.
Use technology purposefully to create digital content, e.g. to create an image using a paint
Use appropriate standard units to measure height/ length in any direction (cm).
English – poetry links with GFOL as using London’s Burning as one of the vehicle text