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Mrs Southward  will be working with the class Mondays- Thursdays. The super Mrs Jones will be teaching on Fridays and Wednesday afternoons covering my PPA.

We do PE on Tuesdays and Thursday for this first half term. We will be participating in cricket with an outside provider on Thursdays until October half term. We also be running the Golden Mile during the week. Please ensure your child has trainers in school everyday.  

 We do stickers and Emojis as our reward system in class. When the children have achieved 10 stickers, they will be given a treat from the treat box. Upon 20 stickers being achieved, the children will be allowed to come into school wearing their own clothes!

Homework is given out on Thursdays and must be handed in on Tuesdays. It will consist of a MyMaths activity/times tables learning/ additional online activity or paper task together with a SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) task in their CGP books. Reading also needs to continue at home. Children do not simply need to just read their school reading book. They can  read a variety of material including programmes, magazines, children's newspapers, comics, non-fiction books, cookery books etc. Audio books are also an excellent resource. Please encourage your child to read both by themselves and to another older person. This should also be recorded in the reading diary. You can refer to the reading prompts notes which were given out on the first day of term if you would like some pointers.  


The Battle of Britain

Our topic for the last 2 weeks of term is: The Battle of Britain.


If you have anything to contribute to our topic or know of anyone who would like to assist us with it, please contact Mrs Southward/ Mrs Jones.