Class 3's Topic Page

Summer Term - Topic 1


Our new topic is...


The Romans


As part of our exciting new topic we will be going on a trip to the Roman city of Chester where we will be Roman soldiers for the day!


We will understand:

  • the key dates of the Roman Empire and be able to place them on a timeline
  • understand why Emperor Claudius and the Romans chose to invade Britain
  • find out why the Romans almost lost control of Britain (war with Boudica)
  • understand the significance of Hadrian's wall 
  • find out how we know so much about the towns the Romans built in Britain and why they chose these locations
  • understand how the Roman invasion changed Britain


This term our writing will be based on the book 'Fox' by by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks.

We will be writing a fable narrative and an information report. 




This half term we will be covering fractions,money and time.


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