Subject Lead - Mrs Shaw

English is a core subject in the National Curriculum, and is the medium through which all learning takes place. At High Legh we view the acquisition of language skills to be of the utmost importance, to prepare children for a literate society. If children are to achieve their full potential, they need to have the skills to communicate effectively, both orally and in the written word. Within a holistic approach to language, writing is given great emphasis, as it is our belief that a child's ability to communicate in writing affects performance in most other areas of the curriculum.

Scheme of Work

We use the Read2Write scheme's units of work, which are closely aligned with the Talk4Writing process. This process involves immersing children in a high quality text, analysing the text and the creating a piece of their own writing. A single unit covers 6 weeks of English lessons and includes fiction and non-fiction writing. The majority of texts link closely to our foundation topics, which enables the children to learn more about their topic e.g. 'Where We Once Stood' is used during the Year 5 Earth and Space topic and 'The Iron Man' is used during Force and Magnets topic in Y3.

In each unit, the children have opportunities to practise key aspects of the text type at sentence and word level. They begin to capture and orally rehearse ideas for their own writing. Through shared writing, teachers model how to write in the specific text and provide children with the opportunity to generate their own writing in talking partners or trios. Where appropriate, links are made to other areas of the curriculum and we use ICT resources and equipment to support teaching and learning.


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

We follow our High Legh scheme and this is supplemented with resources from Spelling Shed for both spelling and Grammar. This is also closely related to the writing unit, enabling children to be fully immersed in the English a book provides. 


This is taught alongside spelling and phonics practise, we follow the Morrells Handwriting. Children are encouraged to take pride in the presentation of their work, whether it is handwritten or produced using a computer.



Handwriting policy

Spelling policy