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Accessibility Plan and Policy Feb 2022-2025.docx .docx
Allegations of Abuse Made Against Staff Policy.docx .docx
acceptable use policy Dec 2022.docx .docx
HLPS Anti-bullying Policy March 22.doc .doc
attendance-policy-Jan 2023.docx .docx
Behaviour Policy 2022-23.docx .docx
behaviour principles written statement Dec 2022.docx .docx
Capability PolicyCapability Policy Capability Policy
2022-23 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.docx .docx
children with health needs who cannot attend school Policy Dec 2022.docx .docx
Charging and remissions 2023.docx .docx
complaints-policy-and-procedure- January 2023.doc .doc
Curriculum Policy January 23.docx .docx
High Legh Data Protection Policy Nov 2022-23 1.docx .docx
Designated Teacher for Looked After Children Policy Dec 2022.docx .docx
Early_Years_Foundation_Stage_Policy- High Legh Primary School 2020 finished.doc .doc
Early Careers Teacher Policy 2022.docx .docx
Exclusions policy and procedure Dec 2022.docx .docx
First aid Policy March 22.docx .docx
2022-freedom-of-information-policy-and-procedures 1.docx .docx
Governors Allowance Policy March 22.docx .docx
Health and safety policy 2022.doc .doc
Healthy eating and lifestyle policy March 22.docx .docx
Lettings Policy 2021-22 1.doc .doc
Major Incident Policy and Plan 2022.doc .doc
High Legh Primary School Medicine Policy 2023.doc .doc
High Legh Local Offer 2022 2023.docx .docx
SEND POLICY 2023.docx .docx
Sex and Relationships policy Dec 22.docx .docx
Whistleblowing Policy March 22.docx .docx
HLPS Grievance policy and Procedure 2023.doc .doc
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy 2023.docx .docx