Vision: For everyone to have a sense of belonging in a happy environment where we all learn, achieve and succeed together.


Mission: All members of the High Legh Primary School community are valued as individuals and as such we work towards all our children becoming happy, confident, independent, creative, secure and caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a love of learning.

By understanding what our children already know, we will inspire learning through excellent teaching and a passion for bringing a rich and varied global curriculum to life.


In order to achieve our vision we have agreed the following aims:

  1. We aim to provide a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment by:
  • Accentuating the positive at all times
  • Listening to what children have to say
  • Displaying and celebrating the work and achievements of all children
  • Utilising both the immediate school environment and the wider community to stimulate and aid teaching and learning
  • Ensuring that all areas of ‘safeguarding’ are maintained including e-safety


  1. We aim to raise standards by:
  • Striving to meet the individual needs of all children
  • Having high expectations of behaviour and attainment for all
  • Providing a broad, balanced, challenging and fun-filled curriculum
  • Providing high quality teaching and learning
  • Effectively assessing children’s progress
  • Keeping up to date with valuable initiatives and technology
  • Providing all children with first hand experiences


  1. We aim to develop children’s self-respect and respect for others and their surroundings by:
  • Ensuring that all children are treated and valued equally regardless of background, gender, culture or belief
  • Encouraging children to respond positively to the diversity of modern society
  • Ensuring the curriculum teaches children about the world in which they live
  • Being involved in supporting different charities
  • By encouraging mutual respect


  1. We aim to develop children’s independence and ability to think by:
  • Encouraging children to question
  • Providing opportunities for children to discuss issues rationally
  • Providing opportunities for children to work and act independently
  • Providing opportunities for children to work collaboratively and co-operatively with their peers
  • Involving children in decision-making processes within school and the wider community


  1. We aim to help children recognise their roles and responsibilities by:
  • Involving children in the drawing up of class and whole school rules
  • Electing a pupil Voice Council who will make some key decisions regarding school issues
  • Encouraging children to consider their impact upon the school, local and wider environment and so become environmentally aware
  • Giving them all the chance to make a positive contribution to the wider community


The Vision was agreed between children, staff and the

Governing body of High Legh Primary School in March 2017


Motto: Learning for life