On this page you will find out what we have been learning in maths and have access to games that can be played at home to practise these skills more. 

How do Year 2s learn maths? 

At the start of Year 2, we use equipment to help us (counters, numicon or Dienes - plastic cubes and sticks to represent the tens and ones within a number). As the children gain confidence they use drawings to help them and use 100 squares. Eventually they will be able to do more maths in their heads. If your child is stuck with a game or homework, encourage them to draw the number or use a 100 square to help them. 


Place Value 

Counting in 2s

Counting in 3s

Counting in 5s

Counting in 10s

Counting in steps game

Ordering and comparing numbers 

Read and write numbers to 100

Addition and Subtraction

Counting on and back

Addition up to 100

Subtraction within 100

Subtraction within 100

Addition and subtraction within 100


Naming 2D and 3D shapes

Symmetry Matching

Symmetry Sorting


Tell and write the time to 5 minutes - digital time

Tell and write time to 5 minutes - pairs

Tell and and write time to 5 minutes - words


Recognising, counting and ordering coins

Making amounts 

Multiplication and Division

2 times table

5 times table

10 times table 


Practise 2, 5 and 10 times tables

Multiplication and Division


Equivalent Fractions 

Fractions of a number

Recognising fractions 

Position and Direction 

Left and rights

Creating instructions