Our first topic for the summer term is The Titanic!!

Titanic - Wikipedia

This is a History topic.

We will be learning about events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally.

We will be using our History scheme called Key Stage History to find out what was so special about the Titanic, what life on board was like, how and why the 'unsinkable ship' sank, and how we have improved safety on board ships to prevent such a disaster happening again.


We will start off our topic by coming to school dressed as if we were on board the Titanic.

Look out for our photos!


We will be sharing the story 'Paper Planes' by Jim Helmore and Richard Jones

and we will be writing our very own friendship story.

Paper Planes | Book by Jim Helmore, Richard Jones | Official Publisher Page  | Simon & Schuster UK

In Maths we will be practising counting in twos and fives - sing along with these You Tube videos!