Reception Class

Spring Term - Topic 2

People Who Help Us



Throughout this topic, we will be having lots of special visits from people who help us.

Taken from the statements within the Development Matters, the list below are the Areas of Learning in which Reception children will be focusing on during this Topic:

Early Years Learning Objectives:

(Taken from Development Matters 2021 and the Statutory Framework for EYFS)

Development Matters:

Understanding the World

  • Talk about members of their immediate family and community.
  • Name and describe people who are familiar to them.
  • Compare and contrast characters from stories, including figures from the past.
  • ELG:Talk about the lives of the people around them and their roles in society.
  • ELG:Know some similarities and differences between things in the past and now, drawing on their experiences and what has been read in class.
  • ELG:Understand the past through settings, characters and events encountered in books read in class and storytelling. 




We will be starting our new writing unit based on the book 'Juniper Jupiter' by Lizzy Stewart. In this unit we will be writing a superhero narrative and a letter.



This half term your child will be given their first reading book and diary. Please read your child's reading book with them every day for 10 minutes. A little often has a huge impact on children at this age. Children need to have their reading books and diaries in their bags everyday, so they can be ready to be read with.  We change children's reading books every Friday.



Our maths work this term will follow the First4Maths scheme of learning. In number, we will be looking at counting backwards, ordering numbers, finding 1 less than a given number (to 10). In 'Measurement, Shapes and Spatial Thinking', we will be identifying the repeated unit of patterns in more complex patterns and using positional language.



This half term, PE will be on Thursday and Friday. Please make sure your child comes into school wearing their PE kit on these days.


End of Year Expectations